City: Midsize

Caltech - Parsons Gates, Hall of Administration

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology offers a unique learning experience for students in the fields of science and engineering. The rigorous admissions process, small student body, and high cost reflect...

8.2 Great

University of California Berkeley

Berkeley offers a top-notch education and campus experience in a beautiful location. Its alumni have gone on to achieve incredible success in a variety of industries, further demonstrating Berkeley's ...

8.8 Great
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is an exceptional institution for higher education with a strong focus on science and technology.

8.7 Great
The City Skyline and Yale University

Yale University

Yale University provides top-tier academic opportunities for its enrolled students. With a strong focus on academic excellence and individualized attention, Yale continues to be a sought-after and pre...

9.3 Amazing
Harvard University Building

Harvard University

Harvard University offers a top-notch education with numerous opportunities for its students. Its history and prestige make it one of the most desirable universities in the world.

9.7 Amazing