About Us

At Just Study, we want to help students find the best possible educational opportunities to suit their goals and needs. We offer a range of resources to help them research their options and make informed decisions about their future. Our comprehensive school profiles provide information on college programs and scholarship opportunities. Our search tools make it easy for students to find the right fit for their academic and financial goals.

We understand that navigating the college and career planning process can be overwhelming. That is why we strive to provide reliable, expert-reviewed resources to support students throughout their journey. Our mission is to empower students to make informed decisions and reach their full potential.

We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to succeed. That is why our dedicated team of writers is committed to creating guides and resources that support student growth and development. From academic advising to career services, we are here to guide and empower students on their journey to success.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower individuals in their academic and professional journeys. We strive to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date resources for students, from selecting a university to launching a successful career. Join us on our mission to support and guide students as they reach their goals. Explore our resources today.

What We Offer

School Rankings

Our rankings are based on the quality of education, meaningful learning experiences, and affordability – so prospective students can make informed decisions about where to apply. In addition to our rankings, we also offer a variety of free college planning, financial aid, and career resources on our website.

Online Education

As distance education continues to grow, we are dedicated to providing resources for online learners. Our team regularly updates our guides on selecting an online program, offering tips and advice for finding the right fit. We also offer a comprehensive list of accredited online universities and programs to help students begin their search.

Course Rankings

We also provide rankings for online courses, based on student satisfaction and the quality of education. From coding to photography, our comprehensive ranking lists offer options for every interest and skill level. Explore our rankings and find the perfect online course for you.

Career Services

We know that finding the right career path can be a daunting task. That is why we offer a range of career resources, from resume and cover letter tips to advice on networking and interviewing. Our team also regularly updates our list of top companies in various industries, offering students insights into potential job opportunities.

Transparency & Ethical Publishing

We believe in transparency and ethical publishing. Our ranking methodology and sources are publicly available, so readers can verify the quality of our content. We also adhere to strict ethical standards in all of our business practices.

Continuous Improvement

We are also constantly working to improve and update our content, rankings, and resources. We regularly review our methods and gather feedback from students and industry experts to ensure that we are providing the most useful information possible.

Your feedback is vital to us as it helps ensure that we are on the right track with our content. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions using our contact form.

Our Contributors

Our team of writers includes current and former students, educators, and industry professionals. They have decades of experience researching and sharing well-researched facts and insights to support our readers. We offer a diverse range of perspectives and experiences to provide the most well-rounded advice for our readers.

About Our Data

We use publicly available data sources such as government statistics, university websites, and industry publications. Our primary sources are: